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Asuncion may not have many conventional tourist attractions, but it is an interesting place to visit if you are willing to be your own guide. If you have ever wondered why Latin culture takes a siesta at noon, when everything is closed for a few hours, you will know why I spent some time in Asuncions in the summer.

I can appreciate the beauty of Asuncion, its natural beauty and its unique culture, as well as its rich history and culture.

Before I came to visit, I asked if they remembered my name, and after visiting, they asked if I had seen the Centro Cultural del Lago that I remembered. El centro cultural del lago pierda a centros culturales de Asuncion, para los que vas para alla, a la ciudad del Pueblo.

The market, made famous by the film "7 Boxes," sells everything from clothing and accessories to food and clothing and a variety of other items. There are shops for shopping (you can also change money on Saturdays in the house), which are spread over the whole city, and there is even a barbecue area.

With more than 140 national and international brands, there are three levels to visit, each of which is a Paseo with its own shopping experience.

General Aquino's independent jewelers are littered throughout, allowing customers to compare prices and view specific designs. The food court is very diverse and very good value, and the American Express traveller cheque can be exchanged at any of the many restaurants in the mall, with a wide selection of food and drinks.

Maxicambio 26 is located in the main shopping center, but this has changed in recent years, when a new shopping center was opened on the same block, on the corner of Avenida San Juan and La Paz, just outside the mall.

The main shopping strip is awash with various goods, and if you decide to visit, the maze of stalls will make it easy to get lost in the bustle for an hour or two, so be wary of pickpockets. Mercado 4 (Avenida Sivio Pettirossi) is a chaotic market where you can buy pretty much anything very cheaply. It is advisable to only go during the day and pay cash, which reduces the risk of theft (although the purchase of counterfeit goods is not completely excluded). Bring plenty of water and extra food as buses do not stop at all restaurants and shops along the route. In addition to pirated CDs and DVDs of various quality, it also houses a wide selection of electronics and electronic accessories and is ideal for a short trip to the local flea market.

A useful tool for getting on and off is the website http: / /, where you can enter your name and the city you want to go to, as well as your phone number (in case you forget to take the bus).

The centre of the city is home to a number of shops, restaurants, shops and cafés, as well as some hotels. The street names of the eastern and western streets have been changed from Independencia Nacional to East-West street names and North-South street names.

The shopping centre also has comfortable sofas and air conditioning, so you do not have to eat or drink anything. My favourite is breakfast with scrambled eggs with cassava cheese, with a cup of coffee and a glass of wine or hot chocolate.

This is a better price than in the city center and a good alternative to the more expensive shopping centers in Para.

In Para there are a number of apartments and houses for rent, although the use of the Internet for such things is limited in Paraguay. Travellers can occasionally book cargo ships to transport goods and people from the city centre to the port city.

In the more expensive eastern districts of the city, there are boutiques specializing in homewares, crafts, clothing and local designers. The high concentration of hotels and cheap accommodation is found in the central and eastern part of Para, with hotels, restaurants, shops and restaurants. This is where the high-quality shopping facilities such as restaurants and bars and hotels are concentrated.

In the more expensive eastern districts of the city, there are boutiques specializing in homewares, crafts, clothing and local designers, with shops and restaurants.

In the more expensive eastern districts of the city, there are boutiques specializing in homewares, crafts, clothing and local designers, with restaurants.

More About Asuncion

More About Asuncion