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Asuncion may not be the world's number one foodie destination, but it's still a great place to eat This means you'll all be disappointed by some of the best restaurants in town. As a diamond in the rough, we find restaurants serving a wide range of dishes, from the best of Paraguay's most popular dishes to some of the most underrated.

This place has first-class Japanese food and is a well-deserved local favorite, but if you think you can take it or eat it, just go to the other side of Asuncion.

Wagyu beef is a must - served with mini salads and crispy fries, and alongside the meat are the restaurant's most popular dishes: the Paraguayan tradition of asado. In addition, its fried yucca root is one of the most popular dishes in Asuncion and is served in one form or another as the dish you choose, along with some of the usual Paraguayan vegetables. While you're there, they have an impressive wine list full of South American grapes as well as a selection of local beers.

In the Guarani, the indigenous language, tatakua literally means "hole in the fire" and was mainly used by the elderly for cooking. Mbeju exists as a traditional Guarsani dish that took elements of European cuisine such as eggs and cheese when the conquistadors and Jesuits from Spain settled the area. Luna Vinera is famous for its original menu, which includes ginger dishes such as ginger and ginger soup, as well as traditional dishes such as chicharron, chillies and chorizo.

You can try these dishes at home or explore the rich history of cuisine while traveling through this beautiful country. If you drop by, ask if you remember your name and explore the Museo del Barro for free. El Palacio de Lopez is lit all night long if you want to be seen there in the evening in the direction of the house of the Paraguayan government.

Always on the go with locals at lunchtime, it is a great place to watch the people and taste traditional Paraguayan cuisine. It is a popular place for people who observe and taste the traditional Paraguayan cuisine, which is always busy. Since the locals are always busy during lunch time, there is no better place to watch the people than this restaurant in the heart of the capital. Always busy With the locals for lunch and lunch, this is the perfect place to observe and sample traditional Paraguayan cuisine. , ita a favorite spot of those who watch.

If you want to travel to Paraguay in the future, we have compiled 6 Paraguayan foods that you should not miss.

Learn more about Paraguay's amazing cuisine, culture, history, cuisine and culture in our guide to the best restaurants in the country.

Learn more about the amazing cuisine, culture, history, cuisine and culture of Paraguay in our guide to the best restaurants in the country. See and see the most popular restaurants, bars, hotels and cafes in the world in Asuncion, the capital of South America's third largest city. Find out about the most famous restaurants and bars in South Africa's second largest city and see a list of the top 10 hotels in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and Uruguay.

Opened in 1900 in the heart of Asuncion, the Restaurant Bar San Roque is the oldest restaurant in the country, renowned for its delicious cuisine, excellent service and great atmosphere.

The original restaurant is still in Buenos Aires and has an old, contemporary flair, based on Argentine roots, serving traditional dishes such as chicken, pork, beef and pork ribs. The original Restaurant Bar San Roque in Asuncion, one of the oldest restaurants in the country, still stands in the Argentine capital. The delicious food, excellent service and great atmosphere will keep you entertained for a day or two. After all, football is what defends or catches up with the latest news, news and updates from the world's best football clubs and teams.

Located in the historic centre of Asuncion, Café Literario is a great place for literary lovers who want to discuss and read a good book while enjoying drinks and snacks. My favorite is scrambled eggs with cassava cheese, a classic dish from the original restaurant and one of the most popular in Buenos Aires.

The Bar San Roque restaurant's menu is popular with locals and tourists and includes a variety of meat dishes such as boiled beef, pork ribs, chicken belly and pork belly. While grilled meat (called asado in Spanish) is clearly a favorite on the national menu, you'll also love the freshly squeezed juices from the tapas bar. Somewhat surprisingly, the restaurant owners are proud of the impressive selection of German beers, well, the Oktoberfest stones. The Milord is considered a place where the best restaurant visitors can see how the chef studied in Paris.

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