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On Tuesday 10 March, the Paraguayan authorities announced a new plan to control the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. The COID-18 outbreak has hit Paraguay's economy hard, and growth will stall in 2019, but the country is on a strong recovery path. Paraguaya was badly hit by the CO VID 20 pandemic in the early 1990s before embarking on a strong recovery, although growth has stalled since 2019.

However, Paraguay is in the midst of a domestic economic slowdown, due to measures to contain the spread of the CO VID-18 outbreak and a decline in exports. The real sector's links to exports and remittances were strong, while Paraguayan banking has minimal exposure to Argentina.

The exotics take on a variety of jobs, many of them working for international companies that have their offices here. Whether you fit in with this demographic or not, you will have access to the global minds of the expats in Asuncion who have had the chance to meet you in real life. The international energy of InterNations is strong throughout South America, and we enable our members to organize small and large local events.

For example, authorities failed to investigate a celebration marking the anniversary of the Colorado Party's founding. After flowers and messages were left outside the home of one of their leaders in Colorado's ruling party, police took no steps to investigate their origins. The authorities did not take action against the party or its leader Juan Manuel Barroso.

However, the activist was confident that the feminist movement would not influence the girl who killed Yby Yau. The woman was described as a "terrorist," a term used indiscriminately and pejoratively in Paraguay. She was mocked on social media by Cartes - who owns her - prompting attacks that even made Abdala's name a trend on Twitter in Paraguay. He spoke out against the "self-proclaimed communist guerrillas" of the Colorado Party and its leader, Juan Manuel Barroso.

Rivarola of CODEHUPY said his organization would file a habeas corpus application to challenge the legality of the charges against Fernandez and Banuelos. Still, he told AQ that the contours of this case are clear: "These reactions distract attention and stifle criticism," he said.

A recent report by Freedom House stated that Paraguayan justice is only nominally independent. I doubt that this inquiry will be successful unless past abuses are discussed and prosecuted.

Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil have convened truth commissions in recent years, bringing former officers to trial in court or in court.

But neighbors have been reluctant to acknowledge this era of horror, and there has been no official investigation since July 2016, when the Paraguayan Justice Ministry finally opened an investigation. Many victims died in the years that followed, said Jose Santiago, the prosecutor leading the new investigation, a former prosecutor and former head of Paraguayan national police. In mid-June, when Latin America became the epicenter of a global coronavirus pandemic, Paraguaya had just over 1,000 cases.

Paraguay has a sound macroeconomic framework, based on a combination of low inflation, low interest rates and a stable economy. Foreign exchange reserves have recovered and remain at a cautious level, according to the World Bank's International Monetary Fund.

This means that Asuncion is a nice environment for many expats to spend their downtime in, as the cost of living is relatively low. The expatriates report that they enjoy a very high standard of healthcare, which foreign parents should pay attention to.

Travellers returning from China, South Korea, Italy or Iran who develop symptoms of pneumonia are advised to call the emergency services or see a doctor or hospital to prevent the disease from spreading. It is recommended to postpone non-essential travel, as travellers may be refused entry or quarantined upon arrival or during their stay.

Camilo Perez said it was possible that the South American youth games in Rosario, Argentina, could be moved from April to the end of 2021. As such, a postponement of the date of the games "at least in the short term" is not excluded, he told the broadcaster AtR.

If the reports are confirmed, the president of the Paraguayan Olympic Committee (COP) believes that a possible new date could be late 2021 or early 2022, or even later in the year. The XII South American Games are scheduled from March 26 to April 9, 2022, and it is estimated that Paraguay is on the verge of hosting its first ever Olympic Games, hosted by Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay. The EPP is a group of approximately 20-50 members, known for a number of sporting and sporting events and a wide range of other activities. Among the most prominent projects are the construction of a BMX track and field facility, a shooting range and a new stadium for youth sports.

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